Product Applications of Our Epoxy Flooring

Civil Applications


Flooring for the aviation industry include applications in food service and retail areas, baggage claim, airport concourse, ticket areas, lounges, airplane hangars and helicopter bays.

icon_correctionCorrectional Facilities

Flooring for correctional facilities, jails, prisons, and institutions.  Applications in cells, cell blocks, recreation areas, kitchens, cafeterias, gyms, showers and bathrooms.


Flooring for schools, universities, and academic areas.  Applications in classrooms, hallways, laboratories, student housing, auditoriums, bathrooms, showers, cafeterias and kitchens.

icon_emergencyEmergency Management

Flooring for Emergency Management professionals for applications on firehouse floors, ambulance bays, showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, holding cells, clean rooms and weight rooms.


Flooring for municipal, county, state and federal government buildings. For application in courtrooms, showers, bathrooms, barracks, mess halls, shelters, offices and military bases.

icon_sportsstadiumSports Stadiums and Arenas

Flooring for sports stadiums and arenas. Application in seating areas, food service areas, kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, weight rooms and team offices.

Industrial Applications


Flooring for automotive garages, shops, car dealerships and service centers.  For application in showrooms, retail areas, customer waiting areas, paint booths, and maintenance areas.

icon_chemicalChemical Processing

Flooring for chemical processing plants and facilities.  For application in clean rooms, decontamination showers, testing areas, high heat and aggressive chemical environments.


Flooring for hotels, expo centers and banquet halls.  For application in general purpose areas, laundry room, spas, pools, service kitchens, food preparation and food service areas.


Flooring for manufacturing plants.  For application in assembly line floors, warehouses, storage areas, shipping bays, receiving areas, offices, cafeterias and customer service areas.


Flooring for office buildings.  For application in customer waiting areas, executive offices, general purpose areas, kitchens, cafeterias, locker rooms, fitness centers and restrooms.


Flooring for pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilities.  For application in packaging areas, research, development and testing labs, clean rooms, showers and restrooms.

Sterile Applications

icon_animalAnimal Facilities

Flooring for veterinary offices, animal research facilities, shelters and kennels.  For application in animal holding areas, examination rooms, operating rooms, locker rooms and waiting areas.

icon_foodFood & Beverage

Flooring for restaurants, bars, food preparation and processing.  For application in heavy duty kitchens, food service areas, walk-in freezers, restrooms, dining and storage areas.


Flooring for hospitals, medical offices and clinics.  For application in examination rooms, operating rooms, clean room, patient rooms, waiting areas, restrooms and food service areas.


Flooring for public and commercial laboratories including testing areas, clean rooms, high heat or aggressive chemical environments, academic laboratories, animal research facilities.

icon_lockerLocker Room

Flooring for locker rooms, sports facilities, field houses and fitness centers.  For application in showers, baths, pools, spas, bathrooms, offices, rehabilitation and training areas.


Flooring for showers.  For application in shower rooms, locker rooms, decontamination rooms, bathrooms, pools, spas, saunas and fitness centers.

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