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PalmaLite PaliKrom 125 – Quartz Colored Epoxy Flooring

PaliKrom 125

PalmaLite PaliKrom 125 quartz colored epoxy flooring system is formulated for use in light to heavy industrial and commercial settings where tough floors are needed. To learn more about PaliKrom 125
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For use in Locker Rooms, Prisons and Hospitals

PalmaLite PaliKrom 125 (1/8″) is an all purpose multi-color flooring system. Formulated specifically for institutional, commercial and industrial usage, PalmaLite PaliKrom 125 is Palma’s general purpose colored quartz epoxy flooring. With excellent chemical resistance, PaliKrom 125 wide range of environments from light to industrial, it is an ideal floor for areas such as pharmaceutical environments, veterinary hospitals, jails, prison, correctional facility, school rooms/classrooms, locker rooms, showers, sales areas and areas where a bright decorative color quartz look is desired. The textured surface is slip-resistant, meeting all ADA and ASTM requirements. PalmaLite PaliKrom 125 comes in 12 standard designer colors to match almost any architectural motif.

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Applications for PalmaLite PaliKrom 125 Epoxy Flooring



The PaliKrom 125 epoxy flooring system is applied to many floors in the civil sector including aviation, education, emergency management, government, and sports facilities.


The PaliKrom 125 epoxy flooring system is applied to many floors in the industrial sector including automotive, chemical processing, hospitality, manufacturing, and office facilities.


The PaliKrom 125 epoxy flooring system is applied to many floors in the sterile sector including animal facilities, food & beverage, healthcare, laboratory, and shower facilities.

Our PalmaLite PaliKrom Resinous Epoxy Flooring Colors

The Palma Guarantee

Certified Waterproof

All PalmaLite epoxy flooring systems are certified to be waterproof by an independent laboratory, eliminating the need for an added waterproof membrane. This results in a cost-saving of 20 to 30 percent over competitive products that recommend separate membranes for waterproofing.

Seamless Finish

PalmaLite epoxy flooring systems clean up easily. Our broadcast epoxy floors are uniform and create a non-porous surface is free of seams, trowel marks, and depressions. These floors do not allow bacteria and fungal growth, making them suitable for any clean environment.

Green Solution

PalmaLite meets most Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards and volatile organic compounds requirements. LEEDs are a set of rating systems used to certify green buildings, their construction, design, operation and maintenance. Consider Palma Inc. for your next green project.