Pharmaceutical Epoxy Flooring

Sterile and reliable medical-grade floors

What floor is best for pharmaceutical laboratories?Pharmacies, drug and chemical testing facilities and laboratories require very specialized flooring. Palma Inc. can create a custom epoxy flooring solutions that are chemical, acid, mold and bacteria resistant and adhere to the highest standards in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our seamless and slip-resistant surfaces can be applied to new and properly prepared existing concrete and can be customized creating a dynamic, safe, professional environment. These floors are specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical industry including meeting the requirements of sterile environments. These can be installed in pharmacies, laboratories, processing and manufacturing facilities, hospitals and medical buildings.

Factors to consider when choosing a floor for pharmacies and medical facilities:

  • What types of chemicals or compounds will be used in the room?
  • How will you clean the floor? What types of products will you use?
  • Do you floors need to meet specific hygiene standards?
  • Will heavy equipment be stored or moved onto this floor?
  • What kind of decorative appearance do you want in this room?

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What floor is best for Pharmaceutical?

Palmalite NovoLac 185

Chemical resistant for the labratory, slip resistant and
heavy duty for the manufacturing and shipping floors