Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Heat and Corrosion Resistant Colored Quartz Epoxy Flooring. For Aggressive Chemical or High Temperature Environments. Novolac 185 (3/16″) is Palma’s High Temperature epoxy colored quatz epoxy flooring system, for use over concrete, plywood, existing ceramic, quarry tile and terrazzo floors or where added thickness is required. An ideal floor for areas such as laboratories, heavy duty kitchens, food, chemical processing, water and waste treatment facilities. It is specifically formulated for areas where highly corrosive chemicals, concentrated acids, and high temperatures are frequent as will as heavy abuse and or irregular concrete.

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PalmaLite UniKrom

All Purpose Solid-Color Epoxy Flooring is formulated specifically for institutional, commercial and industrial usage over sound properly prepared concrete. PalmaLite UniKrom 125 and 185 are Palma’s pigmented epoxy flooring systems. Encompassing a wide range of environments from light industrial, to aggressive heavy industrial, its is an ideal floor for areas such as firehouses, automotive service areas, pharmaceutical laboratory (labs), prions/jails, classrooms, sales areas, showrooms, manufacturing, food and chemical processing where a solid-colored floor is desired.

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PalmaLite PaliKrom

An all purpose multi-color flooring system. Formulated specifically for institutional, commercial and industrial usage. Encompassing a wide range of environments from light to industrial, it is an ideal floor for areas such as pharmaceutical environments, veterinary hospitals, jails, prison, correctional facility, school rooms/classrooms, locker rooms, showers, sales areas and areas where a rich colored quartz “tweed look” is desired. The textured surface is slip-resistant, meeting all ADA and ASTM requirements. PaliKrom 125 comes in 12 standard designer colors to match almost any architectural motif.

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PalmaLite Palmarazzo

A new Palmarazzo floor provides years of dependable service. Providing a tough mechanical and chemical bond. Laboratory tests show Palmarazzo’s physical and chemical composition resists physical impact, abrasion, organic and inorganic acids. Palmarazzo is designed for a wide range of environments from light industrial to aggressive heavy industrial usage.

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PaliFlake 100 Decorative Flake System

A decorative and extremely durable concrete resurfacing system. PaliFlake 100 is used for environments requiring an attractive, aesthetically pleasing, high temperature floor. The system described is Palma’s standard system. This system can be an overlay with all other Resinous Flooring systems including Epoxy Trowel and Broadcasted as well as Urethane and Epoxy Mortars and water based transmission systems.

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