Sterile Product Applications


icon_animalAnimal Facilities

Animal Facilities require durable, easy to clean floors to care for man’s best friend. Palma Inc. epoxy flooring solutions make safe and sterile floors for people and pets. Learn more.

icon_foodFood & Beverage

Safe and sanitary floors are essential to the food and beverage industry. Palma Inc. epoxy floors make any restaurant, bar or brewery pop while making them easy to mop. Learn more.


In the medical industry cleanliness is paramount.  Depend on Palma Inc. for clean, sanitary easy to maintain floors for medical offices, hospitals, and clinics.  Learn more


Slip resistant, chemical resistant, easy to maintain epoxy floors from Palma Inc provide a safe, sterile environment for professional and academic research laboratories.  Learn more

icon_lockerLocker Room

Students, employees and professional athletes all need a safe, clean locker room.  Palma Inc.’s line of slip resistant, mold and mildew resistant flooring for locker rooms. Learn more


Clean, sterile and easy to maintain, slip-resistant epoxy floors from Palma Inc. are available in a wide variety of colors and styles for your shower rooms and locker rooms.  Learn more

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